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Sneaky method allows key duplication from digital image

Friday, September 25th, 2009

The access control provided by a physical lock is based on the assumption that the information content of the corresponding key is private — that duplication should require either possession of the key or a priori knowledge of how it was cut. However, the ever-increasing capabilities and prevalence of digital imaging technologies present a fundamental challenge to this privacy assumption. Using modest imaging equipment and standard computer vision algorithms, we demonstrate the effectiveness of physical key teleduplication — extracting a key’s complete and precise bitting code at a distance via optical decoding and then cutting precise duplicates.

Interesting Events at DefCon

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Hi tech locks cracked:

World-renowned lock experts Marc Weber Tobias, Toby Bluzmanis and Matt Fiddler are at it again.

The three, who have made numerous headlines for bumping and picking Medeco high-security locks and other brands, have now succeeded to crack state-of-the-art, CLIQ technology electro-mechanical high-security locks.

They showed Threat Level how they could easily bypass the electronic portion of the locks and thwart audit logs that track who opens a lock and when. They provided the demonstration in advance of a presentation they’re giving at the DefCon hacker conference.

Malicious ATM found at conference hotel

A malicious ATM machine put up in Las Vegas’ Riviera Hotel Casino, by criminals running an ATM card-scanning scam, was uncovered by security experts assembled at the hotel for the DefCon hacker conference.